About …

We invite you to do something really great:  To enjoy a few extremely relaxed days unwinding at the same time learning something new or perfecting  your skills. 

Or just simply – without the daily rat race –  be seriously creative  in a happy atmosphere amongst friends. All year long we offer workshops, space for retreat of all kinds, fine accommodation and so to speak the squaring the circle: Quietness and as much noise as you would like to create yourself – even if it ‘just’ happens whilst turning windmill sails in your thoughts.

And that was how it all happened: About two years ago we fell in love with an entirely dilapidated farm and windmill  No 332, several outbuildings and the surrounding 34000 m2 (about 8,4 acres) of wild meadows near the Majorcan town Campos.

Since then a lot has happened: Nearly all buildings are not only habitable and open for all kind of action, but we turned quite a few of them with our own hands and some professional help of builders, friends and family support into chic apartments, cool workspaces and a generous main house. The old water storage turned into a lovely swimming pool, and there are quite a few calling the once dusty field an oasis.  The numerous trees, plants and bushes which we planted do not only provide a lovely climate and habitation for hundreds of birds and wildlife but give shade in hot summer as well.  Also they keep us busy in the kitchen when we are grinding almonds, pressing juices, making marmalade or preserving our olives.

If you want to take a look (click to enlarge):