Photography: Roger Hutchings

Yes! Indeed … we are so proud to announce: Roger Hutchings (exactly, that Roger Hutchings!) giving lectures and photography workshops in visual storytelling with us. Great! And here just to give you, which we doubt you need, a short introduction to his enormous career: Roger Hutchings is an award-winning British documentary photographer who studied at Newport School of Art in Wales mentored by the Magnum photographer David Hurn. After years as a photo-reporter, concerned with news and social issues, Hutchings started looking at creative trends in the fashion industry whose young designers were part of the growing cultural phenomena that became Cool Britannia. He won a numerous account of awards, including the prestigious World Press Award for Photography, Amnesty International Award for Photojournalism, the Nikon Arts’ Photographer of The Year Award. In 2009 he became the Senior Lecturer in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at The London College of Communication soon taking up the role of Course Director. He continued teaching until 2018, deciding to step down, to once again concentrate on his own photography.

Palma de Mallorca; ©Roger Hutchings

And here he is:

Workshop I: tba

Workshop II: tba

Visual story-telling

  • 7 – 11 people
  • 5 days
  • fee: 1150 € (incl. overnight stay; single bedrooms available on request and extra fee),
  • payable upfront (details here: AGB / Terms & Conditions)
  • own arrival and departure arrangement (airport pickup on request)
  • food: breakfast, lunch, dinner incl. softdrinks; alcoholic drinks on request
  • approximate 6 hours daily workshop; but photography never stops…
  • Sign up:

That’s what Roger says about the workshops:

Exquisite visual story-telling around a specific theme or particular documentary issue is a distinctive characteristic demonstrated by the world’s greatest photographers. Such essays are powerful, effecting and draw in a large audience. Commonly these begin as personal projects based on the concerns or passions of the individual artist and grow into reputation creating bodies of work. But how does one evolve from being a photographer with a good eye and technical competence into a master story-teller.

Throughout my 40 year career I have produced personal projects and documentary essays on wide-ranging issues and learnt from hard experience the effective approaches and strategies that will make your work better as well as what to avoid as you strive to take your photography to a higher level. By sharing my experience with you both as a photographer and teacher I will guide you through the methodology that will fast track your potential to grow as a practitioner.

Please …

Participants should come with ideas they want to explore, work in progress and portfolios if they wish them to be reviewed. You will need to bring a laptop and software such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom for editing and showing your work.

During our days together we will cover the following topics:

  • How to find and refine your ideas, write and pitch a proposal
  • Sources of inspiration
  • The importance of practicing your craft, a much neglected idea these days
  • Developing awareness
  • Deep looking and observation
  • How to identify an audience
  • Working with strangers and building trust
  • Building picture stories, narrative and themed sets of pictures
  • Composition – does your work say what you want it to say – form and content
  • The importance of critical editing, reflection and analysis of work
  • Solving problems
  • Developing your style
  • The importance of shoes
Palma de Mallorca; ©Roger Hutchings

Soller; ©Roger Hutchings

Portixol; ©Roger Hutchings

©Roger Hutchings


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